Balayage vs. Ombré

Our clients often ask us to explain the difference between BALAYAGE and OMBRÉ. Keep reading to find out the difference between the two, and discover which look is best suited for you!


Balayage (from the French “to sweep”) is an advanced hair painting technique designed to achieve a natural, low maintenance look. Color is strategically placed far from the root to seamlessly blend with your natural color and avoid a defined line of regrowth. The balayage technique is perfect if you’re looking to achieve natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair, no matter what your base color is. The color transition tends to be more subtle and less maintenance than an ombré.

An ombré (from the French “shadow”) is a style that employs the balayage technique to create a dramatic contrast between darkened roots and highlighted ends with a blended transition between the colors. Generally, ombrés work best on brunettes since those with blonde hair may have to deepen their root color to achieve the the desired contrast.

If you’re looking for a multi-dimensional look, please be aware that MULTIPLE sessions are required to achieve dimension.

For any further questions regarding your color, don’t hesitate to call the salon at 908-617-5058 and we would love to answer them!

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