Safety Protocols

For the safety of our customers and staff, ALL customers are required to review and follow these Safety Protocols. Thank you for your co-operation.

Safety Protocols

Salon Reopening June 22nd 2020!

You and Your Company have been Very Much Missed during these Strange and Unprecedented Times. We Are Extremely Eager to See You Again! To be Together, Provide your Haircare needs, and Bring a Smile to your Face…..even if we can only see it in Your Eyes !

Please note that the Salon was forced to close in mid March as per Gov. orders related to Covid-19. Clients who had scheduled appointments have been the first to be rescheduled. We will work forward from there. We ask for your understanding and patience. We will do all that we can assist you as soon as we are able.

Hours will remain the same, with some expansion as per stylists discretion.

Covid-19 Salon Responce and Proticol

We will be taking expansive measures to provide a safe and clean environment for you to return to the salon will be sanitized throughout the day and we will do all that we can to maintain a safe distance from others. At this challenging time our Large space wii be quite an asset! We hope to work together as a community for the health, safety and benefit of all!Thank for your assistance and understanding.

Appointments are Required

  • Because of the serious community health concerns regarding the spread of the Covid-19, We have to utilize stringent procedures to do all that we can to keep ourselves, our clients and the community  safe. We ask for your understanding and cooperation on this mater.
  • Guests must come alone for their appointments. Please do Not bring friends children or family members at this time. If a Guest needs assistance, Please notify front desks when scheduling appointment.
  • Please arrive 5 min. early for your appointment. Stay in car and call front desks. We will invite you into salon when your stylist is ready for you.
  • Masks are required to be worn by ALL while in salon. We request that you wear masks that loop behind your ears, so that they can be utilized while you are having your hair service. If you are a hair color client, we suggest that you have a mask dedicated for this procedure. Unfortunately, this may be something required well into the future.
  • We will be utilizing a questionnaire and doing temperature checks. Please, Please, Please reschedule your appointment if you are not feeling well, have any Covid-19 or Flu like symptoms, or if you have recently been in large crowds without social distancing.
  • At this time, for the safety of all,  we will not be able to provide our usual refreshments or magazines.
  • Because of the respiratory nature of the Pandemic, until further notice we will not be providing the Brazilian Blowout service.

Balayage vs. Ombré

Our clients often ask us to explain the difference between BALAYAGE and OMBRÉ. Keep reading to find out the difference between the two, and discover which look is best suited for you!


Balayage (from the French “to sweep”) is an advanced hair painting technique designed to achieve a natural, low maintenance look. Color is strategically placed far from the root to seamlessly blend with your natural color and avoid a defined line of regrowth. The balayage technique is perfect if you’re looking to achieve natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair, no matter what your base color is. The color transition tends to be more subtle and less maintenance than an ombré.

An ombré (from the French “shadow”) is a style that employs the balayage technique to create a dramatic contrast between darkened roots and highlighted ends with a blended transition between the colors. Generally, ombrés work best on brunettes since those with blonde hair may have to deepen their root color to achieve the the desired contrast.

If you’re looking for a multi-dimensional look, please be aware that MULTIPLE sessions are required to achieve dimension.

For any further questions regarding your color, don’t hesitate to call the salon at 908-617-5058 and we would love to answer them!